Song title Style Features
Family Friendly Adventure Epic Soundtrack live orchestral instruments
Side Walker Drama Mystery orchestral instruments
Squeeze Box Fiddle Drama live accordion
Dixieland Old and New Jazz live horns and banjo
Stop Motion Detective Agency Drama Investigation orchestral instruments
Steamboat Adventure Land Family Fun Cajun style
Double Fun Shoe Drama Light original sound design
Fun Der Stroll Jazz live horns
Cat Four Pratfall Drama Reality orchestral
Barbadian Rum Distillery Tropical original sound design
Song of the Pleiades Dreamy live instruments
Mechanical Puffery Drama Lite original sound design
Arcade Blender 8-bit Video Game chip instruments
Bi Flo Accumulator Unique original sound design
Speed Queen Timer Unique original sound design
Milling Machine Waltz Corporate original sound design
Dueling Coffeemakers Unique live coffeemakers
Dry Cleaner Automation Unique original sound design
Spray and Rinse Drama Mystery original sound design
Fun We Had Unique children's song
Sailing Home Drama Celtic version
Sailing Home Alternate Arr Drama acoustic folk version
Elders Tell A Story Folk acoustic Americana
Morning Comfort Folk Travis picking
Homegrown Happy Folk acoustic Americana
Humble Beginnings Dreamy live instruments
No More Options High Tension orchestral soundtrack
Samba Games Latin Samba orchestra
Tingklik Klak TV / Film hybrid orchestral
Stars are Right TV Game Show show orchestra
Opry de Paris Country / International Nashville - French fusion
Meandering Cinematic comedic spy complex orchestral rhythms
Isa Lei Tropical native instruments
Football Team Sports vocal effects
Floating On Air Airy orchestra with vocals
Fabulous Factory Manufacturing electronic
Don't Know When Calming / Hopeful world instruments
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Jim Corrigan's 1950s album
1950s album
Heartlight Studio Nashville is a music composition and audio production facility with six sound library servers, five live capture rooms, and 16-channel surround sound.
Jim Corrigan  -  film composer